Slam Dunk! Guinea Pig Basketball

Did you know that we guinea pigs are actually pretty talented basketball players? I mean, I don’t want to brag (too much), but I am, for sure, the most amazing four inch tall (fuzzy and all) basketball player you’ve ever seen. If you don’t believe me, check out the two short videos below.

Running up for the Dunk

Dunking the ball is my favorite thing to do! Of course, the net may be a little shorter than in the professional leagues, but don’t forget! I’m only 4 inches tall after all. Piggy basketball nets are built at the perfect height for my mini slam dunks.

I also taught my buddy Ceico how to play the game. Turns out he’s a pretty talented basketball player too! (but not as talented as me, of course!)

Two Guinea Pigs Playing Basketball

Basketball is a pretty fun game, and of course, the only thing cuter than one guinea pig playing basketball is two guinea pigs playing basketball! One of these days, I’m going to take on Ceico in a 1 on 1 game to put our piggy basketball skills to the ultimate test!

Learning basketball was a bit of a process, but it was lots of fun! First, I had to learn to pick up the ball and put it in the human’s hand. This part is a bit annoying because sometimes the human’s hand moves. Humans are such fidgety creatures.

After I was able to put the ball in that moving hand, we started practicing with a bowl. Every time I successfully put the ball into the bowl, the human would give me a treat and move the bowl a few inches away or to the side. Once I became pretty good at putting the ball into the bowl, we switched to a braided loop (basically a big basketball net!), and the human gradually held it a bit higher each time until I learned to lift up the ball and go for the dunk!

Finally, we started practicing with the real basketball net! (well, the 4 inch tall one.) The basketball net was a bit harder because it’s barely bigger than the ball itself. I had to be very accurate in order to shoot on the net. It took some practice, but now Ceico and I can both dunk accurately 99% of the time! (OK, fine, at least 89% of the time.)

If you humans out there want your guinea pigs to hone their inner basketball talent, check out the video below for more training tips. Give it a try with your piggies at home. They might just love it as much as Ceico and I, and it sure is a ton of fun once you progress all the way to dunking on a basketball net!

How to Teach Your Guinea Pig to Play Basketball

Thanks for reading my latest adventure!


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