My name is Jenna, and I’m proudly owned by several guinea pigs, a pair of sweet and curious mini rex bunnies, an adorable and sassy lovebird, a couple of fish (aka water puppies!), and a fun-loving border collie.

All of them love practicing and performing their vast collection of tricks and showing off their skills. They can do anything from playing basketball to drug detection to agility (yes, even the fish!) You can learn more about the furry, feathered, and scaly crew here: Meet the Animals!

All my animals are trained with positive reinforcement, and training time is always the best part of their day. Our goal is to show people how intelligent animals of all species can be. Animals can do so much more than they typically get credit for, even smaller animals like guinea pigs and fish.

I also strive to teach others how to form a closer bond with their pets and enrich their lives through trick training. You can find a collection of training tutorials for all types of animals on the How to Train section of this site.

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