Featured Guinea Pig Training Articles

Complete List of Guinea Pig Training Articles

On this page, you’ll find a collection of articles all about training guinea pigs – everything from beginner-friendly tricks to husbandry training to advanced tricks and agility.

Husbandry and Behavior Training

These tutorials focus on behavioral training and practical life skills.

Beginner Trick Training Tutorials

These tricks are great to teach your guinea pig first. They are suitable for all guinea pigs, from babies to seniors. They also help to lay an excellent foundation for teaching challenging tricks and agility.

Advanced Trick Training Tutorials

These tricks are a lot of fun, but your guinea pig must learn some other skills first. For example, following you and weave walking requires that your guinea pig is tame and comfortable with you walking around above them. Basketball and fetch require a lot of focus and patience from both guinea pig and trainer.

Guinea Pig Agility Training

Agility is a fun activity that provides an excellent source of exercise and enrichment. You can start with super short courses and work your way up to more advanced sequences. Agility equipment can be built to suit a wide range of guinea pigs and abilities.

How to Make Training and Agility Equipment

In this section, you’ll find a few tutorials teaching you how to make agility obstacles and props for trick training.

Ace’s Adventures Blog – From a Guinea Pig’s POV

Want to know Ace’s thoughts on life and learning tricks? Check out his very own blog on Ace’s Adventures Blog.

Ace with his mini skateboard.