How to Make a Target Stick For Guinea Pigs & Other Small Animals

A target stick is an easy and fun little piece that you can make yourself with only a few inexpensive materials. It is a quick and simple training tool to make that is helpful to have for your training. After you collect all the materials from the list below, read through the steps to get started making your own adorable, guinea pig-sized target stick.

How to Make a Target Stick for Small Animals (Video Tutorial)

Materials Needed For This Project

  • 1 Firm Spongy Like Ball (ie. Cat Toy Ball)
  • 1 Piece of Dowel: Approx. 6″ Long & 1/4″ Thick
  • Hot Glue Gun & Hot Glue
  • Pencil

Step 1

Make a mark on the center of the ball with the pencil, right where you want the dowel to be.

Step 2

Make a hole in the spot that you marked earlier using the pencil. Twist the pencil in until the whole tip of the pencil is inside.

Step 3

Next, take the pencil out and twist the dowel into the hole made by the pencil. Keep twisting it around until it seems to be pretty sturdy and straight.

Step 4

To secure the dowel, take it out and put some hot glue in the hole, then push the dowel back in. If you wish to paint the dowel, do that first. Allow adequate time for the glue and/or paint to dry, and you can begin using your new target stick!

Finished Target Stick!