Painting Update: Part 2

You may have read part 1 of my painting experience, where I learned what a paintbrush was and what *not* to do with it. After some brief hesitation, the human decided to let me try again from where we left off.

Well, not quite where we left off. She seemed slightly hesitant to put that colorful, smelly stuff back on the paintbrush this time. So for a while, we just practiced picking up the plain old paintbrush without anything on it. Pretty boring stuff.

When the human finally decided to give me another chance with the funny smelling substance she called “paint,” she covered a big part of the floor with newspaper first. Plus, fenced off all the areas in the room that weren’t covered with paper.

What a way to spoil all my fun, right? Now I couldn’t even sneak off and take the paintbrush to my den for a further inspection!

Turns out, I learned that meeting the human halfway with some things can work out after all. While running off with the paintbrush was pretty fun, I realized pretty quickly that painting is actually more fun when I stay near the paper thing that was sitting beside me.

This “canvas” object was the key to a lot of treats! Every time the paintbrush hit that canvas, the human seemed to get really excited and hand out a ton of food. Most of my tricks take more effort than this, but throwing the brush towards the canvas and getting a treat for it is pretty easy.

Of course, I still had to find a way to put my own spin on it, so I started hitting the paintbrush against that canvas full force, pulling the brush up and down. The human laughed at that and gave me even more treats! I guess painting might not be as boring as I thought it was.

A little progress after my day 1 attempt at painting again.
A couple of colors later… Big progress!

From there, we progressed pretty quickly. The human used a new color on the tip of the paintbrush every day, and the canvas started to look more and more like a rainbow! A week or so later, the canvas looked just like the picture below.

The human said I did so well with my new trick and that I’m just as great of an artist as Ceico now! (But between you and me, I know my painting is way better than Ceico’s!)

​Painting was a pretty fun trick, but I think I might take a bit of a break from my artistic side for now and leave the painting to Ceico. After all, I like to think of myself as more of a sporty pig. 😉

And I think the human might need a break from my painting trick too. I forgot to mention, in my enthusiasm, I might have painted a few things other than the canvas….. It’s all for the best, though, as I still have so many new tricks up my sleeve to show everyone!

Maybe I will be like Ceico and take up painting more once I get older and retire from learning too many new tricks. Although “retire” kind of sounds like “tired,” which I don’t think I’ll be anytime soon!

Proudly standing beside my very first painting!

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P.S. The pictures below are a comparison of my first painting with Ceico’s very first painting. Mom says they are both equally beautiful, but we all know mine is totally better, am I right?

My first painting.
Ceico’s first painting.

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