Awesome, Amazing Guinea Pig Tricks!

Hey guys! Ace here, welcome to my piggy blog!

Out of curiosity, can you guess how many tricks I know? I’ve been learning all kinds of things over the last two years and still learning more every day! To be honest though, I don’t really keep count of all my tricks (I don’t even think the human does either anymore) but trust me, I know a ton of tricks! I love to play basketball, chase my human around, spin circles, and so much more!

I can jump and play fetch too, but I don’t know if I would rate those among my favorites (there’s way too much running involved in between the treats.) Sometimes, it almost seems like the human wants me to do some of these tricks just for exercise or something….. Crazy, I know.

Anyway, those tricks are cool I guess, but my favorite tricks of all are the ones with a little more creativity. The human’s tricks can get kind of boring after a while, so sometimes I have to give her a little hint or two.

See, humans can be good at playing dumb sometimes. When she sees me stealing stuff or running in circles with my ball, she thinks I’m just being silly! So ridiculous, can’t she see that I have better trick ideas than she does? The silly human doesn’t even give me treats for all the amazing tricks I make up all on my own! Can you believe that? I can only imagine how boring all my videos would be if I didn’t take matters into my own paws sometimes.

Anyway, maybe you’ll see what I mean when you watch my newest trick video below. I’m sure you will be able to pick out my favorite and most amazing tricks!

I know some pretty amazing tricks, don’t I? Of course, I still think the tricks I invented are the best, but the human says my basketball and scent work tricks are really awesome too. Regardless, it was pretty fun learning all the tricks in the video (and all the lettuce was great too!)

After watching my new video, don’t forget to let me know what you think! What are your favorite guinea pig tricks from my video? Has your guinea pig taught you any cool tricks lately?

Thanks for reading my latest adventure!


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