The Feeling…

Lately, my body has been feeling weird. Like every time I try to stand up or jump onto the human’s legs, there’s this odd feeling that comes with it. A sharp, aching feeling trying to pull me the opposite way.

It makes me feel so conflicted because I love to jump and stand up to beg for food. The human seems to know about this feeling somehow because she always discourages me from trying to stand up or jump on things. Normally, I would do it anyway, but this time I don’t really want to argue.

The feeling also comes sometimes when I first wake up. It doesn’t like mornings too much. I try to ignore it, but it gets really annoying sometimes. Mom made me this foam thingy for my cage and said it would help.

At first, I was kinda annoyed that it took up most of my sleeping space. I mean, doesn’t mom know that I like to sleep on hard surfaces? Mom told me it’s almost winter again, and I need to stop sleeping on the bare floor. Who’s she to say where I can and can’t sleep?

Shortly after the foam thing arrived in my cage, she started covering every inch of the floor with blankets. Can you believe that? She also moved my water bottle into my hay box, so I can’t even sleep under my leaky bottle anymore.

She’s got some nerve, I’ll tell you. I tried kicking the blankets away, but that got tiring pretty fast. She kept putting them back, and for some reason, I seem to get tired faster than she does now.

So eventually, I just fell asleep on them. Oddly enough, I actually slept… good. (Don’t ever tell mom that, though!) The blankets are actually quite snuggly and, well… warm. It was a little bit nice. But just a tiny, little bit.

After that, I decided to sleep on the foam thing because, well, it’s taking up half my cage anyway. And I guess it wasn’t entirely terrible. Mom even put a blanket on top of the foam thing, with my house on top of that! That was far too tempting to ignore.

Normally, I would find that way too warm, but mom’s a little bit right about the “winter” thing. It is getting kinda cold in our room. I don’t remember it being this cold in the years before, but maybe it has something to do with the feeling I’ve been getting the rest of the time.

I can’t help but wonder if this was how Ceico felt all those years. He never wanted to play with me, and he always liked snuggling up in those blankets the human gave us. Now I’m starting to act like Ceico too! And I don’t even know why.

It’s not like I overly enjoy sleeping or cuddling in things (or staying still). There’s just this new fuzzy feeling I get when I do them. It beats the aching feeling I get when I bounce around, even though that used to be a lot of fun.

The human also made me this little ramp to get into my hay box. It’s a little annoying because it sits right in the middle of my walkway. However, I discovered that if I actually use it, it takes away the aching feeling I get every time I jump into my hay box. I wonder if the human knew that would happen.

The human says I’ve been in her heart for 5 years. She seems kind of sad about that and also happy. I wonder what that means.

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